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Hoots Owls

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We feel a special connection to the Brownies as their leaders are often referred to as Owls.  

With this in mind we make sure we take our Brown, Snowy, and Barn owls along when visiting Brownie packs.

We have created a special package just for your girls, and we try to provide enough material to gain the Friends to Animals Badge.

A typical brownie visit will comprise of the following:

A visit from 5 owls

Educational talk covering habitat, breeding habits, raising a family, how food is eaten and digested, and the differences between captive and wild birds

A handling experience for each brownie - we also encourage the adults to get on board at this point

An owl activity - which we will leave with you to complete another night after the visit

A certificate with group photograph for display in your hall.

The Brownie Promise

Making her promise is already a very special moment for any brownie so why not have a real owl in attendance for the occasion.

Our European Eagle Owl Harley is already an expert in listening to the promise and will even give the brownie a hoot at the end in congratulations.

Also we are happy to give each girl making a promise during a visit a special certificate as a keepsake.

Remember you are welcome to take as many pictures as you like during our visits and we encourage packs to send us any photos they would like put on the website in our gallery.

Please also feel free to invite parents to join us during the visit especially if a promise is being made.

For more details see our contacts page and get in touch.