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Hoots Owls

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Public Events / Parties



Hoots Owls are available for booking for public events as well as private parties.
Our birds are trained to be handled either outside or indoors and are comfortable around the general public.
As with our educational visits, when we appear at an event Health and Safety is a primary focus and a full risk assessement is always carried out by ourselves upon arrival. Once this has been completed then a clear perimeter is established to limit access to the birds, as we are very strict on the amount of people we can safely deal with at any one time therefore we have a controlled exit and entry system in place. Hoots Owls has a strict policy that all members of the public must be supervised at all times when handling the birds.
Our handlers are always easy to identify, as well as wearing our uniforms each handler is also in possesion of a photograph ID badge.
Hoots Owls have full Public Liability Insurance and we are happy to provide any event organisers with a copy of our certificate prior to appearing.
Also we make it standard practice that anyone handling our birds must be offered hand cleaning facilities which are clearly marked and made available with signs.
When we are booked for events we supply all equipment required including our shelter (if outside) and power to run our camera equipment, so the only requirement we have for any event organiser is space.
Standard Static Display for Events: - Full Event
A visit from at least 6 birds for handling by the public
A photograph can be purchased for an additional charge
All equipment is supplied by us from gazebo to power supply for photo equipment.
All  electrical equipment is Personal Appliance Tested (PAT) and re-checked annually
Additional education centre can be set up if requested - (additional fee for this as an extra member of staff is required to man this)




Private Birthday Parties


A visit from 5 birds

Electronically mailed Hoots Owls Party Invites - these are emailed to you for printing at your own convenience

A Hoots Owls birthday card
Personal printed photographs can be supplied for party bags (additional fee)
At private functions you are welcome to bring your own camera and take as many personal pictures as you wish.
Also if there is a particular bird(s) you wish to have at the party please make sure you advise us when making the booking.