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Here are our beautiful birds - this is just a small selection and we are adding to our team all the time. If you would like a specific bird during your visit, please enquire for availability.
As we offer a variety of services we split our birds into teams, this allows us to match the correct bird for a specific job based on our customers requirements

Education And Handling Team

This team specialise's in our educational workshops and events and are suitable for handling and pictures. However we do ask that to protect our birds lovely feathers that touching is kept to a minimum








Helen's Team
When Helen joined Hoots Owls, she not only brought with her a wealth of skill and knowledge she also brought 4 new owls to join the family.

Christina's Team
The owls below joined our team in 2015 with their handler Christina

Please note that although Helen and Christina's birds currently work for Hoots Owls they remain the sole property of their handlers and are not owned by Hoots Owls 

Flying Team


This is our Flying Team which we use for our one to one sessions and Wedding Wings.

As we need to keep their feathers in tip top condition we have a strict no petting or touching policy for these birds.

We do however often take them along to events and school visits for flying and display only especially if they are in training and need to become accustomed to being in public.





 All portraits by Mr Gordon McDonald and Mr Wilson Howie - A huge thanks from Hoot Owls 









Female Little Owl - Athene noctua
Lulu has just tuned 1 year old (Aug 2015)
She has lots of attitude and makes up for her small size by having a huge personality.
Lulu is very strong minded and does not like to be touched which makes her quite different from our other Owls. That said we respect her nature and she mostly now appears at our school visits helping to show what fantastic predators Owls can be no matter their size.

Little Owls will sometimes perch in exposed sites such as fence posts, telephone poles or bare branches. When disturbed at roost, it adopts a slim, upright position, then bobs its body up and down. If still threatened, it will fly away, or withdraw into a nearby hole.


Female Southern White Faced Scops Owl - Ptilopsis granti

 Luna joined the the team in March 2013 at just 3 weeks old.  As you can see she is fully grown now and blossomed into a lovely young adult. Luna is very sweet and enjoys working with young children however being very young herself she quite often gets up to mischief and is not shy in letting us know when she wants attention.

Luna has also recently been working with Glenn and Ghost for wedding wings and is now our very popular Junior Ring Bearer


These fairly small owls come from South Africa and can be found in woodland areas and clearings. They are nocturnal and live on a diet of large insects, spiders, scorpions, small birds, reptiles and small mammals




Male Tawny Owl / Brown Owl - Strix aluco

Rowan is our longest serving member of the team, we have had him for nearly 8 years and he was our second owl.

Rowan is very friendly, though slightly shy. He works very well with elderly people and is very tolerant, so we often include him when doing nursing and care home visits as well as nursery and school visits. He is also a member of our dedicated Additional Support Learning Team.


Native to the UK and Europe and although rarely seen due to their shyness and colouring, are commonly heard especially at night and during the mating season. Tawny Owls can be very vocal and make the traditional 'Twit Twoo' sound associated with owls.











Merlin and Magic

Female & Male Tropical Screech Owls - Megascops choliba

Our dynamic duo are hot favourites with adults and kids alike - they are particularly tame, good natured and patient making them suitable for handling by very young children.

At 5 years old now they are still being mistaken for babies due to their size.


Native to South America and most commonly Brazil. Very quiet birds despite their name and very well camouflaged in their natural habitat due to their colourings and markings.






Male Eurasian Eagle Owl - Bubo Bubo

Harley is a  year old European Eagle Owl - he is a big gentle giant and very much a mum's boy. He can be strong willed and took a bit longer to mature than the other birds. Due to his size Harley does well with care home visits. Also he has become a bit of a hit with our Brownie visits as he has listened to many promises and often congratulates the girls with a hoot at the end of the ceremony.


As their name suggests, Eurasian Eagle Owls can be found all over Continental Europe and Asia and live on a diet of mostly rabbit and hare - although larger prey will sometimes be taken as these birds possess great strength.  









Male Snowy Owl -

Bubo scandiacus

Sparky is our Snowy Owl - as he was raised almost completely in the house he is very sweet and enjoys one to one tine especially with Gillian. Sparky sometimes forgets he is an owl and is a bit of a talker. He also loves nothing more than running round the garden with our young son Luke which is unusual as though Snowys are lovely to look at they are not known for having very good temprements. Sparky is now 4 years old and as you can see his barbs are starting to disappear, by the time is about 5 or 6 we think he will be almost completely white.


Snowy Owls are native to the Arctic Circle (incl. Canada and Scandinavia) where, due to the lack of forested areas, they nest and hunt on the ground - this accounts for their large "furry" feet. Their camouflage is suited to their terrain - snowy ground rather than trees which provide cover for the brown owls above.






Male Common Barn Owl - 

Tyto Alba

Snowflake has been with us for nearly 2 years now. He is one of the few birds we have not reared ourselves and was a rescue however he has settled down well.  2 year's old, he was originally brought in for Wedding Wings however, we have discovered he is better suited to handling and educational visits.  Snowflake is not as confident as Ghost and can be a bit skittish. We put this down to the fact that at his last home he was in a large avairy with lots of other barn owls but not handled.

He is now participating in our "Owl Babies" and "The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark" workshops.




















Female Common Barn Owl - Tyto Alba

Jazz is now 18 months old (Aug 2015) and has blossomed beautifully. Ghost has been so busy with her deliveries and featuring heavily in our school visits that we felt she could be doing with a partner.

Jazz is very sociable and loves to meet new people.

As you can see from the picture she has a beautiful heart shaped face with promanent markings so she looks quite different from Ghost and Snowflake.




Female Indian Eagle Owl -

Bubo bengalensis

Athena was our first chick of 2015, she is now 7 months old and as you can see has developed into a very beautiful adult.  She is very tame and friendly and loves meeting new people. Despite her size she is exceptionally good with young children and for this reason we have trained her to participate in our Additional Support Learning Program

Also known as Bengal Eagle Owl and Rock Eagle Owl, Indian Eagle Owls can be found in the Indian Subcontinent in hilly and rocky scrub forrest land.They have a deep hoot call that can often be herd at dawn and dusk as this is their prefered hunting times.


Male Snowy Owl -

Bubo scandiacus

Harry is our oldest owl and at the ripe old age of 14 he is not only gorgeous to look at but a pleasure to handle. 

Before Harry came to live with Helen he was kept as a pet and had never really been out in public.  However with his new mum's care, attention and most of all patience Harry is now happy to be on public display and will happily pose for photographs on a steady arm. However like all teenagers he is not averse to getting into mischief.


Female Southern White Faced Scops Owl - Ptilopsis granti

Angel is Luna's younger sister and has alot of the same characteristics as Luna.  Angel can be a bit of a diva and some days will give Helen the run around but in general she is very tollerant and likes kids.


Gabby & Jake

Female & Male Indian Scops Owls - Otus Bakkamoena

Our other brother and sister team are super sweet and very gentle.  Gabby is the more placid whereas Jake is more assertive. These little owls are so small they are mostly mistaken for babies however they are now 2 years old.

Indian Scops can be found in the southern region of Asia. Living in woodland area, building their nests in hollowed out trees and laying 3 - 5 eggs at a time.


Male Ural Owl - Strix uralensis

Kasper is 3 years old and quite a character. He can be shy and doesn't enjoy alot of people round him at one time. We bear this in mind when he is on display and make sure to give him plenty of room to move around and to ensure he is in a position that is comfortable for him.  This seems to be working well for Kasper and he is settling well within the team.

Ural Owls are found in Europe and Northern Asia. they like to make their homes in low level but no dense forrest area's. They will use old abandoned raptor nests or hollowed out trees instead of building their own.



Female Southern White Faced Scops Owl - Ptilopsis granti

Cheeky is our third White Faced Owl and is sister to Luna and Angel. At 5 years old Cheeky is confident on display and works well with the other owls. 


Female Common Barn Owl - Tyto Alba

She is the star of Wedding Wings and with grace, beauty and in true Harry Potter style Ghost specialises in wedding ring deliveries.  She has been trained to fly straight to the glove with the rings attached to her using ribbons and a cute ring pouch - see our Wedding Wings Page for more details.


Native to the UK and Europe and a fairly common sight in the countryside and the edges of human habitation. Although numbers in the wild have been reducing recently due to a lack of natural  habitat nesting boxes are being set-up, especially by the farming community, to help increase numbers.








Jet (Jet Harris - The Shaddows)

Male Harris Hawk

Jet is a 5 year old (approx.) Harris Hawk and is our biggest success story to date. When he came to us he had a broken wing, leg and toe. With a few trips to an avaian vet, lots of care and exercise and with correct feeding, Jet is now a happy spoiled hawk.  Although he will never hunt or soar due to his injuries he flies every day glove to glove and gives fantastic flight demos at schools for our educational workshops. A big congrats to Glenn who has spent many many hours training and caring for Jet as well as driving the 200 mile round trip every time he needed to go to the vet. Also thanks to Mr Alistair Lawrie for his excellent vetiranary care and Barry of Elite Falconry for training and advice.


Harris Hawks are a breed native to Central America and are great flyers and hunters. Contrary to all other birds of prey they can hunt in social packs which makes them ideally suited for falconry experience days and group hunting events.






Hendrix (Jimmi Hendrix)

Male RedTailed Hawk/Buzzard

This is Hendrix our Red Tailed Buzzard/Hawk. He is a hansom chap, but very different from the owls and we are enjoying working with him and training him. Hendrix is strictly a flying bird and does not like to be touched. However he does enjoy sitting on the glove and will take food from the fist. He has recently completed his annual moult so we are now looking at controlling his weight for maximum flights.


Red Tails come from North America and choose their habitats in many different locations from forrest and woodland to deserts and even urban areas.