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Other Types of Visits


 Youth Groups








Hoots have done many different visits for youth groups and will tailor our visit to suit your requirements, we offer handling, education and even flying. Also if there is a particular badge we can help your group work towards please ensure to tell us and we will bring along additional materials where we can.


We are happy to have parents present during our visit so feel free to ask them along, our focus will primarily be on the young people, however where time allows we are happy for parents to step up and have a shot.



Care/Nursing Homes


We have had great success with our care home visits.


Again these visits are structured to each home's requirements.  We can do group visits in your lounge or garden area (weather permitting) or 1 -1 sessions, where our handler is happy to visit any residents in their own room.


Dementia patients have been known to respond very well to our birds especially Harley, as he is more robust that the smaller owls and Rowan who is very gentle.




Theme Days



 Hoots owls tend to fit in just about anywhere, however now

 and again we are asked to themed days such as medieval days

 and especially Harry Potter fun days.  As a result we have

 decided to offer this to our customers.




Our handlers are all equiped with medieval costumes and

 we are happy to wear these instead of our normal uniform

 when attending these types of events.





For Harry Potter/Myth and Magic days we offer the children the

use of a real witches/wizard hat, broomstick or magic wand

to hold whilst getting their picture taken. We even have a

medieval-style gazebo which can be decorated to suit your theme.