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School / Educational Visits


As our motto suggest's Hoots Owls are very focused on education.  Here we strive to educate at all levels and as such we ensure that our workshops are always tailored to the correct age group and learning ability.


Gillian and Glenn both come from training backgrounds so they are experienced in teaching all age groups and have excellent communication skills, so ensuring an entertaining and interactive experience for everyone. 


Here are some of the great workshops and visits we offer:-

Standard Owl Workshop  (lasting approx 2 hrs)

This workshop is great if you are studying birds in general or as a starting point for building your own custom visit to best suit your topic and can include:-

A visit from at least 6 birds
An educational presentation on owls in general
A Hoots Owls activity
A handling experience for each person
A certificate with group photograph

The Owl Who Was Afraid Of The Dark

Everyone's favourite owl story - this book is now so popular in schools that we had to give it a workshop all of its own, adding to the standard workshop. We have based this add-on around Ghost and Snowflake who, like the main characters in the book, are Barn Owls. The focus is on the barn owl's characteristics and habits, particularly how well adapted it is for the dark. As a finale Ghost can also perform a short glove-to-glove flight demonstration.
Also, this workshop comes with follow up activities which we make available to the class teacher to help with the remainder of the topic after the visit.
Owl Babies
This enchanting story of three baby Tawny Owls is being read in a lot of nursery schools, so we decided to add this element to the standard workshop to create a very special experience for very young children. We focus on our Tawny Owl, Rowan, who has been working with nursery age children for over 4 years with great success. We cover characteristics and habits, and even have an owl conversation with the group.
Activities and follow-on studies for this workshop are also geared towards nursery and P1 age groups.

Science related add on

Excellent for Science week, this is a presentation based around the owl's digestive system explaining how the prey is eaten and processed as well as a chance to view a real owl pellet and see what's inside - with diagrams, information and worksheets for follow-on lessons.

Flight add on

Presentation based on owl bone structure and feathers, how the bird is able to fly and how different types of feathers do different jobs.
This workshop comes with a glove to glove flight demonstration with either our lovely Harris Hawk, Jet, or our Barn Owl, Ghost.



These are just a few of the workshops we can offer, however we have also covered topics such as The Magic Castle, Amazonia and The Woodland so please let us know if you have any specific areas you would like us to concentrate on.
Hoots owls are extremely focused on health and safety, so a full safety briefing (relevant to the age group and activity)is given before any handling takes place and our handlers are present at all times during the visit.  Also we offer hand washing in the form of anti-bacterial gel/spray until the children can gain access to washing facilities.