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"A big thank you......"
We've never had to ask a client to recommend us, they do that anyway! Here's a few of the many wonderful comments we've recieved over the years.
Dear Gillian and Glenn

Thank you for coming to our school, I really liked Merlin and Magic. I held Merlin and she was so soft and cute. I hope you will come back and if you do maybe I can hold Magic or Gem.
Dear Gillian and Glenn
Thank you for coming to our school to teach us about the owls and letting us hold them. I thought the large owl was very cute. The workshop was very interesting and the snowy owl was beautiful. I know lots more about owls than I did before your visit such as owls can't turn their heads all the way round and what they eat thank you again.
Dear Gillian and Glenn
Thanks very much for coming to our school and bringing your owls. I got to hold Rowan and he was very cute and soft. I realy enjoyed it and it was my favorite workshop thanks again ....... Inverkip Primary School
Dear Gillian and Glenn

Thanks very much for coming to our Boys Brigade unit.  All the boys had a fantastic time and haven't stopped talking about your visit.  They said that they learned a lot and enjoyed handling the birds.  Also when we asked them some questions about the owls they were able to answer no problems which tells me they also took in the educational part of the night which is great. ... Jean Robertson, 1st Stevenston Boys Brigade
Dear Gillian
Thank you for being a fantastic guest at our sheltered housing.  The residents enjoyed the day and we all learned a lot. ... Margaret Ann Aitchison, Witch Road Sheltered Housing Kilmarnock
Hi Gillian

The owls went down a storm with everyone, a special thanks from the chap in the wheelchair, he was very excited to be able to hold an owl. I can assure you that if the festival is going ahead next year you will be the first to be asked thanks again ... Southside Festival Steering Group
Dear Hoots Owls

Thank you for coming along to our school.We really enjoyed the owls.It was enjoyable and fascinating.You taught us things about owls to help us with our Woodland topic.We thought Merlin and Magic were very cute and we loved the different activities like making masks,holding the owls and the quiz.Thank you again for coming ... P5 Hillington Primary
Thanks for the wonderfull, informative day. ... Headmaster, Cardinal Winning's Secondary School