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Wedding Wings


Ring Bearing With a Difference


Everyone wants their wedding to be special and have a touch of magic.

From our base in the Ayrshire countryside, Hoots Owls are proud to bring you Wedding Wings.


Whether you are having a wedding, renewal of vows or a civil partnership having your rings delivered by our team of beautiful ring bearing birds is something your guests will be talking about for a long time and will add a touch of sparkle to your big day.


Here at Wedding Wings you can choose between our beautiful barn owls Ghost and Jazz.   Our excellently trained ring bearers will fly silently down the aisle to the gloved hand of the best man, groom, father/mother of the bride or even one of our trained handlers if you prefer                                 

                               Ghost                                                                  Jazz


We want your day to go as smoothly as possible so we offer a meeting for the wedding party prior to the big day in order to meet the bird and a practice session for whomever is receiving the rings.

Below is some footage of Ghost delivering rings in The Caves underneath Old Edinburgh.


On the big day itself we will arrive before you and your guests to allow the bird to become familiar with the area they are working in.  Once your guest’s start to arrive we will remain out of sight until its time for the delivery. Keeping this part of your service a secret is a good idea as it will create a great wow factor, although we would recommend letting your photographer in on the secret as they may be able to catch the bird in action which will provide a lovely addition to your wedding album



As the ceremony progresses the person receiving the rings will give the agreed signal and the bird will glide gracefully up the aisle and land gently on the gloved hand offered.  The rings can then be unclipped and safely given over to be exchanged.  After that all that is left is for  the bird to glide back up the aisle to its handler for a well earned reward.


After the ceremony we are happy to stay for a while to chat and allow you and your guests to have some pictures taken with your special ring bearer. 

Most of our deliveries are done by adults as we prefer to use over 16's for the delivery however we understand that alot of couples like to involve the children so we have trained our lovely little White Faced Owl Luna to be a junior ring bearer.

Luna is very good with younger kids and will sit happily on the glove of your flower girl or page boy for meeting and greeting your guest's or to walk the rings down the aisle.



A big thanks to Craig and Tanya for allowing us to use the photographs from their recent wedding at Culzean Castle, Ayrshire and for Sarah Plant from Sarah's Creative Occasions for recommending us for the ceremony.

All Wedding photographs were taken by SigloV Photography -   

Bird Portraits by Mr Gordon McDonald.