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The Handlers all bring their own individual experiences and abilities to Hoots Owls, creating a fantastic blend of professionalism, enthusiasm and knowledge. 
















 Gillian and Glenn would both like to take this opportunity to THANK all our team for your commitment, time and (most of all) support, without which Hoots Owls would not be the success it is today.



















Gillian is the head hoot and has been working with birds of prey for over 8 years, but felt a special connection towards owls rather than hawks or falcons. After helping out in other various falconry centers/businesses she decided that working with owls was the only job she wanted to do and so Hoots Owls was born. Gillian got her first owl in 2008 when her life partner, Glenn, finally gave in and bought Gem, a barn owl, as a gift. Ever since she has been expanding her knowledge of the birds and building up the business.  Gillian and Glenn both come from training backgrounds which proves to be invaluable for our school and educational visits.  

Glenn is Gillian's life partner as well as co-owner of Hoots and is our chief aviary builder and fix-it man as well as a handler. He knew when he bought Gem that more owls were sure to follow and so planned out the aviary space accordingly. More owls and individually designed aviaries soon followed with our European Eagle Owl and Snowy Owl joining the family. Glenn has now turned his attention to our birds of prey and Wedding Wings.  He has spent countless hours with Jet retraining and caring for him to the point where Jet has now imprinted on him and is very loyal towards him. Also, with Wedding Wings becoming very popular Glenn spends a lot of his time flying with Ghost when not out on visits.

Callum is Glenn's eldest son and is now entering his fourth year with Hoots. He has proved to be an excellent handler so much so he is now confident working with the larger birds such as Harley and Sparky. Callum has also shown a keen interest in flying so has been spending a bit of time with Glenn and Jet. 










Helen joined our team in January 2015 and not only does she come with over 5 years experience but also her very own team of Owls (see meet our birds ).  Helen has excellent handling skills as well as extensive knowledge of owls. She is pictured here with her beloved Snowy Owl Harry - Welcome to the Team Helen we are both proud and lucky to have you here at Hoots Owls








Laura is another of our new handlers for 2015. Before joining Hoots Laura had never had any experience with Birds of Prey however after one visit to our base she fell in love with our owls and has spent the summer learning handling and flying skills.  To help expand her knowledge Laura has been shadowing Gillian on our many school visits and helping out with rearing our Owletts - Welcome to the Team Laura






Christina comes to us with over 5 years experience as well as her own two owls Kasper the Ural (pictured here) and Cheeky the White Faced. Christina is not only an excellent handler, she is also exceptionally good at dealing with young people due to her career in child care. Christina has not only been working at events this summer but has also been accompanying Glenn to some of our wedding ring deliveries - Welcome aboard Chrissie

Christine has recently joined us in May 2015 and comes with 2 years handling experience. She has been honing her handling skills at our base and has spent the summer getting to know our birds and their habits as well as attending some of our events.  Her job as a cabin crew member has equiped Christine with excellent customer care skills and she is happy to spend time talking about the owls and ensuring that everyone who visits our stand learns something new about the owls 

Luke is Glenn and Gillian's youngest son, as you can see at only 6 years old he is fast becoming our youngest apprentice. He has already undertaken a large role in rearing Luna, from feeding to cleaning out her pen and of course handling and interacting with her Luke loves spending time with his Best Buddy